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Gui Haupenthal

15+ years committed to practicing and studying karate-dō. As a dedicated partner and charismatic friend, he strives to help people grow and connect with their bodies.

Nidan (2nd dan) black belt certified by the Japan Karate Shoto Federation – JKS (日本空手松涛連盟) under supervision of Sadamu Uriu shihan (9th dan JKS and chief director at JKS Brazil) and Yutaka Katsumata sensei (8th dan JKS).

Trained under direct tutelage from Tiago Frosi sensei (3rd dan), former president of JKS Brazil and certified instructor of Universal Healing Tao.

Nayane Brose

The fist that makes everything moves smoothly. Easy smile and great energy — always up for a kumite bout.

3rd kyu brown belt certified by the JKS Brazil, training under Tiago Frosi sensei (former president of JKS Brasil) and now under Haupenthal sensei. Active member of the Shinjigenkan Institute since before its establishment in 2012, in Brazil.

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Haupenthal sensei & Yana senpai
Haupenthal sensei & Yana senpai
grading exam
Haupenthal sensei & Frosi sensei coordinating a grading test in Brazil
Karate in Winnipeg
Demonstration of nage waza (throwing technique) followed by oi zuki (straight punch)
Performing Sochin at the provincial finals in Brazil, 2014
Performing Sochin at the provincial finals in Brazil, 2014


Haupenthal sensei started his karate-dō practice in Brazil and spent 15 years broadening his knowledge and skills, training and competing under both olympic / WKF and traditional JKS (Japan Karate Shoto Federation) circuits. Several times provincial medalist has competed in the national level many others.

He has also helped coaching teams and athletes in provincial and national competitions with great success. Now, he dedicates himself to study and teach karate-dō with emphasis on self-development.

train karate in winnipeg
Haupenthal sensei & Nayane senpai with Hajime Matsu and Shinji Nagaki at JKS Hunbu Dojo — Tokyo, Japan

He obtained his black belt from the Japan Karate Shoto Federation – JKS (日本空手松涛連盟), under the supervision of Sadamu Uriu shihan (9th dan), and direct tutelage from Tiago Frosi sensei (3rd dan), former president of JKS Brazil.

As an active member of the Shinjigenkan Institute, Haupenthal sensei has also focused on helping people not only to become physically stronger but to create a deeper body-spirit connection — to unlock and empower their true potential. Among other activities, he endeavoured in healing circles, therapy with non-ordinary/holotropic states of consciousness, men’s psychology groups, and guided meditations.

Haupenthal sensei opened the Shinjigenkan Institute Canada in 2018. The dojo is growing, connecting and building relationships, and have among its partners the Japan Cultural Association of Manitoba (JCAM), Manitoba Japanese Cultural Relations (ManitobaJCR), and Adachi Japanese.

Sadamu Uriu JKS Karate
Dan grading exam with Sadamu Uriu (9th dan JKS)

Sadamu Uriu shihan is the current honorary chief director at JKS Brazil and achieved his 9th dan as recognition for a life dedicated to karate-dō, rank only shared with Masao Kagawa shuseki shihan — chief and technical director of the Japan Karate Shoto Federation – JKS and national coach of the Japan karate team (JKF).

Karate block
Haupenthal sensei & Nayane senpai explaining jodan age uke (upwards block) during grading exam in Winnipeg

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The instructors are the best!! Pretty common for people to be afraid of trying something new but Gui and Nay make you feel so welcome 👍👍
<a style="color:#FFC703; text-decoration: underline;" href="" target="_blank">Aleeya L.</a>
Aleeya L.See on Google
I’ve never met anyone as passionate about karate as Shinjigenkan Canada. They have created a warm, inviting environment for all kinds of learners to learn traditional karate. These people don’t mess around!
<a style="color:#FFC703; text-decoration: underline;" href="" target="_blank">Alison A.</a>
Alison A.See on Google
Great dojo to learn at.
Sensei is knowledgeable and patient.
<a style="color:#FFC703; text-decoration: underline;" href="" target="_blank">Daniel Aitken</a>
Daniel AitkenSee on Google
Great place. Friendly and knowledgeable Sensei.
<a style="color:#FFC703; text-decoration: underline;" href="" target="_blank">Damián C.</a>
Damián C.See on Google