We are not talking about a forbidden secret, nor an inaccessible oriental art. Not anymore. However, many don’t know karate’s true essence and what makes it one of the most regarded and practiced martial art of all.

What are the benefits of Karate

It is scientifically proven that karate 空手 offers a broad range of benefits to your body. Not just to the body: cognition, motor coordination, reflexes, nervous system, circulation, brain activity, sleep pattern, weight-loss, behavior, you name it. Karate is one of the most complete activities you can find.

Check the list of benefits karate can bring you:

physical benefits of karate
mental benefits of karate
other benefits of karate

Karate-dō is a highly inclusive activity

A highly inclusive activity — fit to any age, body, gender or background — karate can not only be a sweaty activity to release your daily stress, but a whole way (道 dō = way) of life. It is, all at once, a meditative tool, a martial art, a workout, a philosophy, a tradition, and for sure, a self-discovery agent.

Looking for some out-of-regular physical activity (aka stinky gym)?

Want to get more in touch with your inner self?

Need to build up more self-confidence, focus, decision-making skills to upgraded your career and professional life?

Are you retired and would like to exercise your body and value being part of a community?

Would like to get your kids into some sport that will shape their discipline, motor-coordination, strengthen their physical and mental health?
You got it.

Do you have a physical or mental disability and want to find a place to be a part of, practice something that respects your timing and is not only a endorphin-builder, but will be a guidance to your wellness and part of your self-care routine?
Heck yes!

Or maybe you just want the “sweaty activity” I’ve mentioned before?
Absolutely nothing wrong about it. But know you will get some feel-good bonuses along with that.

See for yourself. Because why not, right? Just be sure you are under a certified sensei care. This is your health (or your kid’s) we are talking about.