The 5 Karate Dojo Kun: The best things you can accomplish with them

The Shotokan Karate Dōjō Kun is not only a set of rules but rather a philosophy one chooses to live by. The practice of courtesy (and valuing it) shows the difference between other “fighting techniques” and Budo – in which respect to courtesy is the foundation to getting better.

The Official Karate Master Certification

group of karate masters

There are many terms people use to refer to a seasoned karateka (including karate master). But are all these titles and designations used right? There is a proper, official and formal way of obtaining these certifications, and it is a very tough one.

The real meaning of karate belt colours

meaning of shotokan karate belt colors

We’ve already talked about how everything in karate has a piece of history behind it. And that holds for the minor things as well, or maybe not so small like the meaning behind karate belts. The real mining behind the ranking system in Shotokan karate has some polemic around it, but we will try to clarify that once and for all.

The meeting that changed Karate history forever

Meeting of Okinawan karate masters

You may not know it, but October 25 is considered World Karate Day. The date was chosen and decreed by the Okinawan government, to host the first karate Olympic games in Japan. What many karateka doesn’t know is the reason behind the specific date.

Top five smart reasons to practice karate — at any age

Most people start training karate and other martial arts because of its many physical benefits, such as improving general conditioning and strength. However, the brain-boosting benefits are often overlooked, and researchers shown they are real and long-lasting.