The Shinjigenkan

Fighting for a sharp mind, a strong body, and a peaceful spirit.

One Big
International Community

With branches in Canada, France, and Brazil, the Shinjigenkan Institute facilitates an integral development of its members. We strive to help people expand their potential.

We believe it is possible to create a better world through martial arts and active meditation. It is possible to create a strong body from the inside out.   

The Shinjigenkan Institute is an international organization that teaches the values and culture of oriental martial arts. We provide the tools for you to strengthen the body, develop mental clarity and achieve emotional balance. We train hard, we sweat. And we respect each other’s capabilities. Consistency and desire to grow is all you need. Come condition your body, meditate, get stronger and improve every single day.

The Shinjigenkan Institute International

Founded in 2012, the Shinjigenkan Institute is the result of a collective effort among practitioners, students, and enthusiasts of karate-dō and other oriental martial arts; to reformulate and organize the structure of what has been taught since 2003 by Tiago Frosi sensei (former president of JKS Brazil and current technical director of the Shinjigenkan Institute Brazil). Since then, a strong network of qualified instructors from Canada, France, and Brazil joined forces to teach and empower practitioners with pure, strong, and traditional martial arts Home of remarkable people, it has also forged several provincial and national champions. Members of the Shinjigenkan Institute also had the opportunity to participate in training sessions and seminars with internationally renowned karateka:

Masao Kagawa shuseki shihan (9th dan JKS)
Japan Karate Shoto Federation (JKS) Chief Director,
Japan Karate Federation (JKF) National Coach,
Chairman of Technical Committee at the World Karate Federation (WKF)

Sadamu Uriu shihan (9th dan JKS)
Honorary Director at JKS Brazil, introduced shotokan karate in Brazil in 1962.

Yutaka Katsumata sensei (8th dan JKS)
Chief Instructor at JKS Canada

Takashi Yamaguchi sensei (7th dan JKS)
Chief of International Department at JKS Japan

Shinji Nagaki
JKS Japan Headquarters Instructor

Saori Okamoto
JKS Japan Headquarters Instructor

Daisuke Watanabe
JKS Japan Headquarters Instructor

Luca Valdesi
Individual and Team WKF Kata World Champion

Douglas Brose
WKF Kumite World Champion

Haupenthal Sensei

sensei teaching martial arts class

One of the older students (senpai), Guilherme Haupenthal was an active contributor to the beginning of the Shinjigenkan Institute. Echoing the beliefs of Kagawa shihan and the teachings of the Institute, Haupenthal sensei is a firm believer in the traditional karate-dō as a transformational tool for everyone that decides to follow its teachings.

Training and competing in both traditional and WKF karate styles, Haupenthal sensei also participated in the ministering of classes and courses promoted by the school ever since its creation. Since 2018, dedicates to teach karate through the Shinjigenkan Institute Canada.