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What is Karate?

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Feel Confident

Having a healthy, strong, and balanced body is more important than ever.

It is clear that we never know what’s around the corner. Working to have a balanced, strong and healthy body is the first step to protect yourself.

We offer a clean, safe and sanitized environment with plenty of space for you to start training. Don’t get caught off-guard again.


Work Mind & Body Together
Practice Karate at Shinjigenkan

Sharp Mind

The strategy and decision-making skills of a karateka are second to none. Learn skills that will improve your performance inside and outside the dojo.

Strong Body

Move better, gain strength; feel great. Every movement in karate works the whole body at once. Your body will improve and adapt, and you will feel great after every class.

Peaceful Spirit

To practice karate is to improve your spirit. Quiet your mind, enter a state of flow and develop a peaceful and unbreakable spirit that will guide your every action.

Improvements all around

Decision Making
karate in winnipeg

It’s easy to get started

We were all beginners once and understand that you may be anxious. Here’s all your need to get started:

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01. Book Your First Classes

We are excited to have you.

You’re committed. Yes!
Let us know when you are coming so we can prepare the class for you.

02. Get your Gear Ready

Nothing fancy, here!

To start, you only need your gym gear, a water bottle and a small towel. If we are training indoors, we will train barefoot.

03. Join the group!

We’ll greet your with a smile!

We know it takes courage to try something different and we’ll make sure to help you feel welcome from day one.


Great dojo to learn at.
Sensei is knowledgeable and patient.

Daniel A.8th Kyu


All levels welcomed

The instructors are the best!! Pretty common for people to be afraid of trying something new but Gui and Nay make you feel so welcome 👍👍
<a style="color:#FFC703; text-decoration: underline;" href="" target="_blank">Aleeya L.</a>
Aleeya L.See on Google
I’ve never met anyone as passionate about karate as Shinjigenkan Canada. They have created a warm, inviting environment for all kinds of learners to learn traditional karate. These people don’t mess around!
<a style="color:#FFC703; text-decoration: underline;" href="" target="_blank">Alison A.</a>
Alison A.See on Google
Great dojo to learn at.
Sensei is knowledgeable and patient.
<a style="color:#FFC703; text-decoration: underline;" href="" target="_blank">Daniel Aitken</a>
Daniel AitkenSee on Google
Great place. Friendly and knowledgeable Sensei.
<a style="color:#FFC703; text-decoration: underline;" href="" target="_blank">Damián C.</a>
Damián C.See on Google

Get Better
Every Single Day

Practice Karate in Winnipeg


Create a strong body, from the inside out.
Learn to move in any direction with precision.
Gain focus and sharpen your mind.

Develop sharp mental capacity and quick decision-making. Condition your body, gain mobility, and improve your motor skills, day after day.

Become active and expand the limits of your own body and mind. Develop timing, perform better under pressure, and evolve your decision-making capacity. All within a controlled, friendly environment.

Active Meditation

Every class starts with mokuso — a meditation to clear up the mind, to focus and to prepare for the training session that follows.

To properly work the body, you need to prepare the mind.

At the end of a class or during special days and events we explore meditative practices. Rather than following one specific school, we branch out so people can experiment to find what fits them. Either sitting still or actively moving, we promote different ways to connect with your inner self and regain power from within.

Classes happen on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 7 to 8 PM @ The Sturgeon Heights CC — 210 Rita Street, Winnipeg.


All levels welcomed

Proudly associated to

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The Shinjigenkan Institute Canada is a proud associate of the Japan Karate Shotorenmei

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Develop a sharp mind, a strong body, and a peaceful spirit

Monthly Pass

$ 85
/ Month

Billed every month.

Term Pass

$ 75

One time payment of $225.
Billed every three months.

6 Months Pass

$ 75
/ Month

One time payment of $450.
Billed every six months.
Free karate-gi on first payment only.

One big community of strong people

Qualified instructors, ready to help you through your journey.

Being strong does not mean performing 10,000 push ups. Training karate at the Shinjigenkan will provide you with more focus, better mobility and unbreakable confidence. It will help you find purpose and align body and mind to achieve your goals in life.

You will learn the values of shotokan karate-dō. Strong and pure, traditional and established. You will achieve lots, but more than that, we’re sure you will gain a friend or two along the way.

Joining the Shinjigenkan Institute is to be part of an international community with dojos in Canada, France and Brazil with their doors open for you.

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The Shinjigenkan Institute is an international organization with a collective of qualified instructors from Canada, Brazil and France. Certified black belts by the Japan Karate Shotorenmei (JKS) and Fédération Francaise Karate (FFK).

Every year or two, the executive team regroups to train, realign and share knowledge. We also dive deep into knowing ourselves, so we can help you to get where you want to be.

We’ve seen numerous transformations, year after year, and that fuels our passion to keep going and to provide a better class for you. We are dedicated to teach Martial Arts to empower our members and ultimately create a better society.

Join us, and discover how you can go.

Create a strong body, even locked at home.

5 Bulletproof ways to keep training karate during lockdown

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